Precision SCUBA Instruction (PSI)

We specialize in Advanced Open Water Certifications


Let Precision Scuba train you the right way!

At PSI, we don’t cut corners and we give you a more extensive course than the local dive shops. 


We teach the latest technology, gear configurations, and safety protocols. 


While there are dozens of basic Open Water Certification options, we take Basic Open Water divers from NAUI, PADI, SDI, SSI, PSA, RAID, and others, and teach them how to 

Do It Right


Compare us and see for yourself!  


 Maybe you want to explore wrecks, dive at night, dive with Enriched Air (Nitrox),

or run search and recovery patterns.


Perhaps you have bought a new drysuit or want to move to a Full Face Mask! 


This is when you need an experienced instructor with decades of experience. 


Our Advanced Open Water SCUBA Certifications will take a certified diver through a multitude of real-world scenarios all to prepare you to dive in any situation…comfortably and with confidence!


Check out our Training Page! We offer single courses and combined training for the most comprehensive, Advanced scuba certifications in Arizona.

We teach what the local dive shops don’t! 

Get Started TodayOur Classes

Reward yourself with Quality Training


With over 50 years of diving experience, Rick, owner of Precision Scuba Instruction, has brought the excitement of the underwater world to thousands of divers.

Why are We Different?

Scuba training in Arizona is quite different than coastal dive instruction but our philosophy is to turn out the best trained, strongest divers in the Southwest!

Upcoming Classes

Adventure and Excitement are waiting for you. Register for a class to get certified today!

Why Precision SCUBA?

I named our school “Precision” SCUBA for a reason. My instruction is aimed at making certain that each and every student is taught and masters every bit of training and knowledge as an Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diver. When you finish this course, you will be able to perform every task and skill we teach you in all four venues of your training.

scuba instruction


Your first step will be to complete an online overview of the course with quizzes and a final exam at the end. This will prepare you for the in-person classes and all water training.

scuba classes


After completing your online learning, you will spend time in the classroom reviewing the eLearning material and learning much more to prepare you for the Advanced Open Water or your specific speciality training.

scuba training


Confined water training is just a fancy term for pool work! We will work together in the pool putting into practice all the things you have learned online and in the classroom.

Scuba gear


Your Open Water training will consist of a required number of open water dives. These courses include dives in many different Open Water scenarios.

With the completion of an oral, practical, and written exam you will be certified as a NAUI Advanced, Specialty Diver, Rescue Diver or Master Diver.

What is Scuba Diving?

SCUBA diving is a mode of underwater diving whereby divers use breathing equipment that is completely independent of a surface air supply. The name “SCUBA”, is an acronym for “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”, and was coined by Christian J. Lambertsen in a patent submitted in 1952. SCUBA divers carry their own source of breathing gas, usually compressed air, giving them greater independence and movement underwater than surface-supplied divers, and more time underwater than free divers (snorkelers). Although the use of compressed air is common, a gas blend with a higher oxygen content, known as enriched air or nitrox, has become popular due to the reduced nitrogen intake during long and/or repetitive dives.
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