Frequently Asked Questions

Where is PSI located?

Precision SCUBA Instruction is located in Gilbert, AZ, close to the cross streets of Warner and Higley.

All classroom and pool work is completed at our Gilbert location which will include all rental equipment for the duration of the course.  Classes may be arranged at other locations based on previous arrangement with specific student groups.

Our Advanced Open Water Dives will include rental gear, but students will be required to provide their own transportation and lodging.

What is SCUBA Certification?

Advanced and Specialty Open Water SCUBA certification prepares divers to independently dive up to 130 feet safely without supervision. These Advanced Open Water Certifications cover the knowledge, terminology, physiology, equipment, water skills, rescue techniques and much more. Each student is prepared online, in the classroom, pool and finally in open water. Upon completing all these skills, they will become an Advanced Certified Open Water SCUBA Diver, Specialty Diver, Rescue Diver, or Master Diver.

Do I need to be Certified to Dive?

Yes, you do. Diving certification is similar to a driver’s license. Would you take a car for a drive without knowing how to drive? Without a SCUBA certification you will not be able to:

  • Be a safe and responsible Diver
  • Rent SCUBA equipment
  • Fill air or Nitrox tanks
  • Dive on commercial dive boats

How long does SCUBA Certification take?

An Advanced certification class takes various timeframes to complete depending on the details of the class. These classes may take a bit longer based on where the class chooses to do its Open Water Dives or how many dives are required for certification.

How long does SCUBA Certification take?

A standard certification class takes about three weeks to complete, it may take a bit longer based on where the class chooses to do its Open Water Dives. Private lessons may be completed in around 4 consecutive days.

Do you use local lakes for Open Water Dives?

No, we prefer not to use Arizona’s lakes for Open Water Dives for several reasons.

  • Cleanliness of the water
  • Summer heat during class
  • Lack of animal life
  • Visibility
  • Lack of waves, current and surge
  • Does not represent the majority of diving environments our students will experience as certified divers

Where do you go for Open Water Dives?

We will go to one of several locations based on weather and water conditions. The majority of our Open Water Dives will be in Southern California and may consist of one day of beach diving and one day of boat diving. If agreed upon, we may go to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) or San Carlos Mexico. We may also add boat dives in any of those locations including Catalina Island, off Southern California.

What certification will I receive?

Here at PSI we certify under NAUI, the National Association of Underwater Instructors. NAUI is the only non-profit certification agency today focused on education and safety. NAUI was founded in 1960 and is the oldest certifying agency today.

What are my next steps as a basic open water diver?

NAUI offers many continuing education courses that build on one another after initial Open Water certification. The logical next step is Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diver. The advanced course extends the diver’s experience by teaching Navigation, Night or Low Visibility Diving, Deep Diving and other electives such as Search and Recovery, Boat diving, Light Salvage, Hunting and Collecting as well as Exploration and underwater mapping.

Scuba Diving

What is the minimum age to get certified?

Minimum age for an Open Water Certification is 15 years old by the water phase of the course. Junior certification is available for ages 10 – 14 years. Junior certification required that the Junior diver will dive with a certified adult and are limited to a depth of 60 feet.

Do Certifications Expire?

No, certification is for life. A diver who has not dived for a year or more or feels he needs to refresh his skills can and should work with an active NAUI instructor for a refresher course. We can offer those courses at PSI.

How much does a certification course cost?

Costs vary based on the Open Water Checkout dives. Please refer to our Classes tab to see the different costs and what is included.

What Scuba Equipment do I need?

The NAUI Open Water SCUBA Certification will require all students to have their own mask, fins, snorkel, and booties. When you sign up for a course, we will send you a welcome email with some recommendations for your basic gear. Please pay attention to these recommendations before you purchase your gear. Many pieces of snorkeling gear are not proficient to be used in a SCUBA environment. I am more than happy to consult with each student on proficient gear and help them order or purchase the right equipment. We are not affiliated with any specific dive shop and therefore are dedicated to you getting the best gear for your money vs. pushing specific brands or profitability.

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